4 Ways to Boost Your Business with LED Light Therapy Facials

Adding LED Light Therapy facials to your menu of services can provide an increase in business from existing customers and bring new clients in the door. This ground-breaking technology uses light to address a variety of skin issues from acne to fine lines and more. One of the best ways to take full advantage of an LED Light Therapy Machine and provide clients a well-rounded suite of services is to layer this process onto your existing menu items. Here are four ways you can boost your business with LED Light Therapy facials.

1. Standalone LED Therapy. LED therapy alone can be a transformative process using four colours for different skin ailments.
a. Blue light works to reduce bacteria on the skin and alleviate acne concerns.
b. Red light increases circulation which increases collagen production to smooth fine lines.
c. Green light focuses on skin pigmentation and sun damage.
d. Yellow light can reduce redness, irritation, and inflammation through detoxification.
Offering a program, or series of programs, dedicated to each LED Light Therapy can expand your menu greatly and entice clients to try your new services.

2. Facial Upgrade. Do you already have a list of excellent facials and skincare plans offered by your business? Go through the list and see where you can add LED Light Therapy to your current services for an enhanced result. Because LED therapy is relaxing and pain-free, your clients will feel as though they’re receiving truly special treatment with this added enhancement. The best part is, LED Light Therapy works in conjunction with a variety of skincare plans to increase results! You can even try a special offer inviting current clients to add LED onto a facial service for a discounted cost and once they see the results, you’ll enjoy continued business.

3. Layering Technologies. LED Light Therapy can be layered on other skincare technologies, aside from facials, to enhance outcomes due to its gentle nature. Using LED therapy at the end of a suite of other technologies can enhance the overall experience and add to the client’s result. As an example, you could start a full treatment with renewing hydrodermabrasion, follow with restorative oxygen therapy, then finish with LED Light Therapy.

4. Additional to IPL.. Do you have an IPL Machine? If so, layering LED Light Therapy to IPL treatment programs can boost healing and regenerative effects. Using LED Light Therapy after IPL can soothe client’s skin and maximise your customer service creating an experience that makes for life-long clients.

To find out how your clients can get up and glow with LED Light Therapy, contact The Global Beauty Group at NZ 0800 398 749 or AU 1300 006 607.