“Squeaky clean” skin isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For many people, oily skin means over-drying cleansers and skipping the moisturiser, but this can actually cause skin to produce more oil. While cleansers may feel like they’re giving oily skin the deep clean it needs, they actually strip skin’s protective moisture barrier and cause it to produce more oil! A healthy microbiome –comprised of the beneficial bacteria that live on your skin – helps balance oily skin.

Active Clay Cleanser delivers powerful prebiotics that nourish these beneficial bacteria to bring skin’s microbiome back into balance, keeping oil in check while protecting skin’s moisture barrier. Active Clay Cleanser protects skin’s moisture barrier and delivers prebiotics while removing impurities.

* Kaolin Clay absorbs excess oil
* Activated Binchotan Charcoal adsorbs impurities
* Lipids and Murumuru Seed remove excess oil, protect skin’s lipid barrier and promote a healthy microbiome
* Bioflavinoid-rich complex helps purify pores, smooth and revitalise skin

The new Dermalogica Active Clay Cleanser will be Available from authorised Dermalogica skin centres, department stores, Life Pharmacies and online at dermalogica.co.nz from 18 May 2020.