Cast your mind back to the Dermalogica Price Drop in May, hopefully you saw the widespread PR we received. The New Zealand Herald article “Skincare brand slashes prices” stood out due to its huge reach with circulation of over 145,000, the phones ran hot! We received over 20 mentions or articles on the price drop that we classify as PR – meaning we did not pay for these mentions (the opposite of advertising). The beauty of ‘positive PR’ is that it helps build credibility for a brand and/or business as it is delivered from a trusted, unbiased source, i.e. a journalist.

Dermalogica is what we call a ‘media darling’ - beauty editors and bloggers throughout the country, and abroad, love it and you see product endorsements and great reviews appearing frequently. But this doesn’t just magically happen, there’s actually a lot of work that goes in behind the scenes to get these ‘positive mentions’ outside of the products being very efficacious. This is where I come in…

I’m Luci Marshall and I’ve been with S.H.E since May this year. I previously worked at Spark PR & Activate where I managed the PR for Dermalogica for the last three years. Now after having my baby I’ve jumped ship and have come to work for the S.H.E team, and I’m loving it! My goal is to maintain and increase Dermalogica’s PR and make Nvey Eco and Eye Slices ‘media darlings’ also. Plus I would like to help you with some positive PR for your business (but more about that in a later blogpost).

One such example of what I do is the media launch of the BioSurface Peel and PowerBright TRx last week. On Tuesday 29th July we presented these two new exciting releases to 25 key beauty editors and bloggers.

The Sapphire Room at Ponsonby Central was transformed into a welcoming, glowing space. The presentation area was lined with Philip Stark ghost chairs, and white floral arrangements were dotted throughout. A beautiful, glowing PowerBright TRx display greeted guests as they arrived up the stairs. Guests were served a light, raw, anti-oxidant laden breakfast and smoothie while Dr Diana Howard presented on the science and history behind Dermalogica, and these fabulous new products.

As guests left they were given a media kit, which included the media releases and press materials, an invite to try the peel and the new range of Power Bright TRx which a small amount had literally arrived in the country the Friday prior (nail-biting stuff). We give the product to the media earlier than it's available in store to make sure it runs in magazines and print as close to the actual launch date in store. So for an October/November on-shelf launch August is the perfect time to give them the product as they're working on their Summer issues now.

I’m now busy liaising with the media who came and those who couldn’t make it along, hopefully, to garner some PR pieces in the upcoming print, press and online publications we targeted.

Look out for mentions in the media and if you are a Dermalogica Skin Centre in the monthly Profit Flash or on the Dermalogica Facebook page