Education is at the heart of our company – in fact, our company shareholders co-owned a beauty therapy training college in the 1980’s and early 90’s. With such passion for training it is no wonder they were drawn to the Dermalogica brand in 1993. With its strong philosophy on education and mission statement: to define and bring respect and success to the professional skin therapist through excellent education, innovative products and outstanding customer service, clearly this was a partnership with great synergy!

Fast forward 22 years and while some of the delivery methods for training may have changed, the importance of education has never been stronger. In general business, but also within Dermalogica. The curriculum of workshops prepared by Dermalogica is still the most extensive of any supplier in our industry, and our educators are world class. Why are they so good? Because this is an area of business that Dermalogica (and S.H.E as the local distributor) heavily invest in. And why do we do it? To help skin therapists be the absolute best they can be. After all, this is our mission and aligns with our purpose and core values.

In New Zealand we are very proud to be the first market to launch Dermalogica education online. It has never been easier to train your skin therapists with Dermalogica! Over the last 3 months, our head of education Caroline Parker has supported over 50 skin therapists with our online curriculum. This has allowed many therapists in regional locations to advance their way through our education pathway, and at low cost to the business. The online classes are free of charge and reduce the necessity of travel costs for all workshops.

We always appreciate it when business owners take that decision to send their therapists (and other staff members) on training. We know it is an investment, but an investment that reaps rewards for your business. We operate in a service based industry and if client retention is important to your business (well of course!) then the best way to retain your customers is through improving your customer service. How do we improve customer service? Through excellent training and procedures.

Education is also a powerful way to motivate and retain your staff members. Everyone wants the opportunity to feel that they are doing a great job and contributing towards business goals. When staff members lack confidence (with retail skills, product knowledge, or treatment techniques) then they are being denied job satisfaction. As business owners and managers, we want to ensure we are creating opportunities for our staff to continually develop their skills. By doing so, you will foster loyalty and support from your employees.

When I look around our industry, the very best skin centres (both within the Dermalogica Tribe, but also outside too) are the ones that make a firm commitment to education and training their teams. They have consistent high standards of service, their customer following is strong, staff engagement is high, and staff turnover is low. Top performing businesses understand how vitally important training is. They know that this is an investment the business has to make (not the employee) and ensure that staff are given the time (at the businesses expense) to attend classes or complete online training.

If you are interested in learning more about our online training, or booking yourself or your team members on class, please get in touch

and let’s get started! I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom…

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”
― Plutarch