As that ‘day of love’ quickly approaches yet again I thought it was timely to remind you of some statistics* around Valentine’s Day (14th February) that I shared a couple of years ago:

  • Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday (after Christmas) for gift giving?
  • 61.8% of consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day
  • The average consumer spends $116 on Valentine’s Day
  • 53% of women would end their relationship if they didn’t receive a valentine’s gift!
  • 14% of women send themselves flowers on the day!

With all these statistics in mind, we’d be crazy to miss out promoting this special day to our clients and now’s the time to do it.

I’m sure you all offer gift vouchers in your business but sales of these will only come from people who know/ currently frequent your business. How do you target the partners of your customers or simply brand new customers who might be looking for a gift idea for a loved one? And how do you grab those last minute shoppers who are looking to buy a gift at the 11th hour? Quite simply this is done through selling gift vouchers online. If you want to set up gift voucher sales direct from your website I’d recommend trying Robovoucher (you'll get a special rate of 10% off that we organised by using that link) or speaking with your salon software provider who may offer an online gift voucher tool that you can use (I know that Timely does offer this).

Once you’ve set up online gift voucher sales on your website the next step is to promote this fact. Make sure to feature gift voucher sales on the home page of your website and I’d also recommend sending an email out to your existing database to let them know that voucher sales are now available. If you want to reach a wider audience, you could try advertising your gift voucher sales on Facebook. Facebook adverts are very easy to create and they can include a direct link straight to your online gift vouchers so shoppers can buy instantly. If your running your adverts for Valentine’s Day I’d recommend targeting your Facebook adverts to men who are in a relationship and make sure that you only target people who are in or near the area that your business is located. And don’t forget to use free online tools like Canva to help create great imagery for your Facebook adverts.

Some other ideas for promoting Valentine’s Day in your business:
  • Offer a free box of chocolates with all gift card or product purchases for Valentine’s Day.
  • Create a ‘Valentine’s treatment special’. This could be a couple’s treatment or a more decadent style treatment package for an individual.
  • Create ‘wish list’ cards for your clients to fill out with products or treatments that they desire. They can then subtly (or not so subtly) leave out for their partner to find – make sure they have your contact details on them.
  • Simply email or text your clients on Valentine’s Day a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day love the team at…’ it is random acts of kindness like this that builds long term loyalty.
  • Any good bakers in the team? Why not bake some valentine’s day cupcakes or cookies to hand out in store on Valentine’s Day. A very easy way to make someone’s day.

Happy Valentine’s Day… oh and don’t forget Mother’s Day on Sunday 8th May – another great opportunity to promote your businesses and online gift voucher sales!