A conversation with Natasha Bourke
Group CEO for Skintopia and Dermalogica New Zealand

“I was basically born into the role” says Natasha, with her parents in the industry and having worked in her mother’s skin care clinics around Wellington and the Manawatu from a young age. Her parents introduced Dermalogica to New Zealand in the nineties, and she went on to train as a skin therapist before completing a marketing communications degree at Massey.

“This was followed by a three year stint working for Dermalogica in the UK where I was lucky enough to project manage the opening of a Dermalogica flagship store in London” she tells us, and was able to transfer that knowledge and experience to the business in NZ. It was this background combined with an obsession with skin health and creating unique customer experiences within the industry which led her to open Skintopia in Aotearoa.

Who is Skintopia for? Could you give us an overview of your ethos and the brand’s approach to skincare?
Skintopia has been created for those of us obsessed about investing in results, not just relaxation. There is no hiding the health of your skin; that’s why we’re so obsessed with it. We’re a results driven, scientifically-based skin treatment centre in Wellington (with another location opening in Auckland’s Commercial Bay in 2020). The standard pampering of beauty spas have their place and will leave you feeling rejuvenated for a while, but it’s the satisfaction of a visible difference in your skin that drives us. This starts with a holistic view of your wellbeing and lifestyle; these are the building blocks of healthy glowing skin.

Tell us about this holistic approach to wellbeing - what does it look like and do you have any tips that people can incorporate into their daily lives right now?
Holistic is about treating the client as a whole. Great skin is truly a combination of caring for yourself from the inside and out - nourishing your skin from within is about looking at your nutrition, hydration, sleep and stress levels to name a few! At Skintopia we stock The Beauty Chef, which contains fermented whole foods to support gut and skin health. We also work with our clients to help manage their stress by creating a special space for them to focus on their wellbeing and relaxation - while of course treating the outer layers of their skin with advanced DermalogicaPRO products and leading electrical modalities - delivering you your best skin.

What makes DermalogicaPRO products the best option for your clients and retail customers?
We have chosen to partner with DermalogicaPRO for its proven performance and range, and we incorporate the latest technological advancements in our treatments including microcurrent, LED light, hydro dermabrasion, oxygen therapy, collagen therapy and IPL.

Are there any common misconceptions when it comes to caring for your skin and what should we be doing instead?
There’s a misconception that scrubbing your skin with harsh ingredients will provide a deep clean. Instead, opt for an exfoliant that contains active ingredients to remove dead skin cells without being too abrasive and causing excess dryness or sensitising the skin.

A good skincare regimen is often one of the first casualties of our Culture of Busyness - people get busy and their skin is neglected. What is the single most important thing we should be doing each day to nourish and take care of our skin?
Most people think sunscreen is only important on really sunny days, yet UVA and UVB rays are constantly present even when there’s cloud cover. UVA rays can cause wrinkles and other signs of premature ageing so being meticulous with sunscreen is not just important for preventing burning but also skin cancer. So if you do nothing else, wear sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat!

What are some ways you incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine to encourage recharging and relaxing?
Living in such a digital age I like to devote time to disconnect and recharge with a guided meditation (I love the Headspace app). Disconnecting is so important, from time to time we offer a bespoke digital detox treatment where clients can reboot and recharge with the power of touch, in a device-free environment under a weighted blanket - bliss!

Where is the best place to start for a new customer?
As no two people are the same, neither are our treatment plans. Every Skintopia client receives a bespoke experience diagnosed to deliver results for the skin you’re in. Something unique about our approach is our open plan Skin Treatment Lounge. A long way from the wind chimes and whale sounds of a standard spa environment, our space is as energetic and enlivening as our treatments. The most comfortable treatment beds in the business share a common space and the combined energy of our team and clients ensures you will leave feeling as refreshed and revitalised as your skin. The most popular service in our Skin Treatment Lounge is our ProSkin30 service - bespoke, targeted, and 30 minutes. Start here.

Skintopia is a Dermalogica Platinum Skin Centre, what does this mean exactly and why is it important?
Skin centres gain Platinum Skin Centre status through exceptional commitment to Dermalogica. We are recognised for our investment in ongoing education for our skin therapists, our marketing activities, our personalised professional-grade skin treatments and much more. Dermalogica Platinum Skin Centres come highly recommended from Dermalogica as destinations to visit and receive the ultimate Dermalogica experience - we’re proud to be a Dermalogica Platinum Skin Centre.

Bonnie went along to experience the ProSkin30 treatment for herself, ”I found it immediately welcoming and not intimidating at all even though this was my first ever professional facial treatment”. She was offered tea or water to begin and helped herself to a chocolate - not a bad start! The treatment was relaxing and comfortable, and Bon found the explanation from the skin therapist to be helpful toward understanding the rationale behind the products and processes she was using. ”The open plan environment makes me want to go back with a girlfriend for a treatment and catch up, and afterwards my skin felt deeply cleaned and nourished so I'm definitely going back”.

Skintopia is the ultimate destination for skin care and professional skin treatments situated right in Wellington’s CBD. They offer expert advice, advanced DermalogicaPRO treatments, Dermalogica home use products, and a holistic view of your wellbeing.

Skin treatments are personalised every time - there are no cookie-cutter treatments on offer and you can expect a bespoke experience that caters to your unique needs. Find them in the lower ground floor of the historic Old Bank Arcade on Lambton Quay, or get in touch for more information/to book your spot by visiting their website: www.skintopia.co.nz

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