The Inspiration Behind Two Hundred Doors

The Inspiration Behind Two Hundred Doors

The inspiration behind Two Hundred Doors, our incredible founder and CEO, Natasha Bourke. We talk about the heart of her business & mission to support & empower women, along with her thoughts on growth, creative problem solving & the importance of collective collaboration.

Tell us about the purpose behind your work.
My “WHY” is centred around helping to empower women to feel their best and succeed at everything they do. I’m really fortunate that I get to work with so many amazing women in our industry – the business owners & skin therapists who Two Hundred Doors supplies with Dermalogica, as well as our teams across Two Hundred Doors and Skintopia. Seeing them grow and reach their potential, and supporting them on their journey, is definitely my purpose.


When you're feeling stuck, or uninspired, how do you go about transforming your mindset?
I am a naturally curious and creative person who likes to look at problems with a difference lens. If I am stuck or uninspired, it is often due to spending far too much time in meetings or responding to emails. Freeing up space for “thinking” time is what I do when I am stuck. Sometimes a change of scenery also helps. And I thrive off bouncing around ideas with other people… so sometimes the meetings are helpful!


Rituals you hold for self care?
My morning smoothie is my most consistent ritual and a daily habit for self care! Packed full of blueberries and The Beauty Chef fermented whole foods and probiotics, it is a great way to start the day. I also love to regularly stretch my back and focus on my breathing. This helps me to stay calm and focused. Meditation and Restorative Yoga also nourish me immensely.


Where do you look for education & growth?
I like to surround myself with people who are experts at what they do – there is always much to learn from other people. As well as the talented team I work with, we have some great advisors that we work with regularly. A few years ago I did the Ice House Owner/Manager Program which taught me a lot and introduced me to a great network of business owners, who I stay in touch with. At Two Hundred Doors and Skintopia we also work with an external facilitator who has tailor made a program for our team to teach us new skills, particularly around communication.


What does the future look like for 200 Doors?
The future is bright! We are on a mission to ensure everyone we touch has the opportunity to empower women’s independence. We will do this through supporting the network of women we employ and partner with, and supporting charities that align with our purpose.

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