Clear Start

Hey, Nice to meet you. We're Clear Start, a skincare line created by the skin health experts at Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute. We are a brand for young people ( not just teens) around the ages 16-24.

Just like Dermalogica, we were built on the belief that skin health is more important that "beauty" and that education is where it's at. That's why we believe in promoting skin acceptance. No matter what stage of the skin health journey.

When Dermalogica founder Jane Wurwarnd's daughters enterered their teens and early 20's, they encountered breakouts - and sub-par skincare. Many of the products on the market for younger skin contained - and still contain - harsh, inexpensive ingredients, and artificial fragrances and colours- all things that can dry, irritate and strip oil from the skin, causing even more breakouts than before.

Jane wanted something better for her daughters, so she created Clear Start, Dermalogica's first skin care line specifically for young, breakout-prone skin. We don't contain harsh ingredients, artificial fragrances or colours- just ingredients that deliver clearer skin.

If you’re interested in stocking a stand-alone range of skin care products in your Skin Centre specifically designed for skin ( age 16-24) please contact us at