Are you ready to learn from the industry’s #1 resource for all things skin?

First, a little about IDI: Our legacy began in 1983, when our founder, Jane Wurwand, discovered an opportunity to offer the most challenging and rewarding postgraduate skin and body curriculum available internationally. We have always been about building success for the professional skin therapist, from learning techniques and tools of the trade to helping business owners thrive in the skin therapy. So when you train with us, you are getting the best postgraduate education possible to help you remain on the cutting edge in your career.

At IDI, everything we do is backed by more than 30 years of research and development. We train more than 100,000 skin therapists per year. Our award-winning curriculum keeps you motivated and is always evolving to bring you the latest research and findings on everything skin, from our very own skin experts and leaders in the industry from around the globe.

Requests for our expertise and stance on highly charged topics are frequently sought for trade magazines, guest blogger events, and online webinars. Unlike any other school, IDI is your go-to resource for all things skin both in the classroom and online. We stand by you 24/7 with access to more webisodes, online tutorials, social media chats, and resources so you are always learning and right at the forefront of all things skin.

So how does this help you become successful?
Everything we do at IDI is to make our students successful and stand out from the rest when seeking employment. Skin therapists trained with IDI’s signature techniques are highly-regarded around the world. With IDI as your educational partner, you know you are on the road to excellence and your clients will be begging for more!

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