Hear from some of our valued customers and their experiences with the team and brands at Two Hundred Doors

Lenore McIver, Elizabeth Palmer Skin Care (2020) Limited

Two Hundred Doors is much more than just a distributor of leading professional skin care brand Dermalogica. They genuinely care for the success of each individual and the businesses they support. Over the 20 years I have interacted with this company and their product, I am always left feeling I am part of a 'bigger family'- a part of their team. Leaders in education, marketing and product innovation- I know I have the best support I need to help make my business a success

Fiona Wilton, Beautique Skin and Body Therapy

Two Hundred Doors listen to our feedback. They have been very generous with payment terms during the covid 19 crisis where other suppliers have moved directly into cash only payments. They have been helpful regarding business issues and other pandemic related questions we have had. We have ways enjoyed an open dialogue with them which has helped both parties find good solutions. Being from the beauty industry they genuinely understand our needs and try to do what they can to assist. You can find plenty of other great skincare companies but that's only half of the equation for us. The relationship we have with 200 doors has been long term and full of human connections.

Krystie Marriott, Skin Sanctuary Day Spa and Beauty Therapy

Having worked with several suppliers over the course of my career it’s safe to say Two Hundred Doors really stands out from the rest. A fantastic group of women dedicated to the success of each and every one of its clients! I always feel like I get strong support and advice from the team.

Bernadette Immink, Westgate Beauty Therapy

Two Hundred Doors as a supplier has been superb. From supporting us as a new account, helping to drive our business, marketing material, doing special events for us as well as great communication.

Nicole Moore, The Beauty Room

As a Platinum Skin Clinic I feel we receive a lot of support from Leanne and the team at Two Hundred Doors. Nothing is ever too much, from the on-going training, and the extra promotional materials, to the marketing and design assistance with our website, the team are amazing.

Gina Lee, Sharper Image

I have been using Dermalogica products for the past 9 years. It is a quality healthy skin product that has a solution to any skin problem. The company has supported me alot with the building of my business, helping me through the marketing side of things and much more. They have provided me with lots of professional training and I have gained many skills in their courses. They have a wide range of products whether it is healthy skin products or make up. All the Dermalogica's products are of a high standard and you can rely on them on a healthy quality product. They are the best company for my business.

Vivianne Bryant, Bare Waxing and Skin Centre

It’s one thing as a skin centre owner knowing that you stock the best skincare brand available with Dermalogica – but to have that backed up by the amazing support of Two Hundred Doors team is equally important. Access to marketing, education, and business advice is something they do incredibly well and I can say that we don’t just have a skincare supplier – we have a skincare partner!

Michele Gray, Urban Beauty Spa

Working with Two Hundred Doors is a wonderful experience as a business owner. They assist business growth by providing support with product training, an education pathway for skin therapists, personalised service and you feel looked after every step of the way! I am so proud and grateful to be apart of such a dynamic brand such as Dermalogica and a member of the 200 doors family! It has been a major contribution to our success as a business, and I am very thankful.

Amber Forrest, Beauty Antix

We love working with Two Hundred Doors as we have the ability to communicate freely. We love having a business consultant such as Leanne who is hands on and has a solid understanding of client and business owners needs and belonging to a tribe of like-minded driven individuals.

Louise Gray, Louise Gray Skin Care

As a forward-thinking skin therapist, you require the best tools and technology available that accent your skill, knowledge, and intuition. I choose to use Dermalogica professional skin care products in conjunction with bt-GEAR by Bio-Therapeutic. They work synergistically to provide my clients with incredible results from comprehensive treatments. I strongly believe that Dermalogica professional skin care products have kept me competitive in a tough industry.

Dave McIntosh, Bare Waxing

I always feel like we are in a partnership with Two Hundred Doors and they have a real passion for the industry. They're as focused on our Clients experience in-salon as we are.

Alisha Lim, Studio Z

Very honest, open communications. Great team to work with. Well established operating procedures for a dealership/distributor. Excellent crisis management for all partnerships.

Claire Jarman, Mia Dolce

The constant support with business and education which helps to motivate and inspire our therapists to be the best they can be. Our relationship with our Rep (Leanne) has been priceless, listening and passing on feedback we give her, and unlike other companies these requests are asked and answers/solutions given. I have been a part of Dermalogica since my beauty therapy training 25 years ago. I love the simplicity of Dermalogica, but the efficiency to tackle every skin care concern. Products are constantly evolving as the industry progresses. I love that we have the option of using Dermalogica Professional Products to enhance and improve the benefits they achieve at home.

Robynne Cabusao, Beverley Hills Skin and Body

I enjoy working with Two Hundred Doors as I find them to be so helpful and supportive. I love using Dermalogica products in my business as the products are amazing and deliver amazing results. We are so grateful for all the support we’ve received recently, it’s really helped us a lot.