All About Connection

All About Connection

I’m sure over the past few weeks, we have all been in touch with our families, friends, colleagues and clients in some way.  We have been working hard to stay connected to the outside world, whilst in our bubbles.  But that in itself can be challenging in so many ways and I found myself thinking about why it is so very challenging for some, and much easier for others.


I guess the main thing to consider is that as humans, the ability to socialise with each other is completely normal, in fact, essential! A lockdown strips us of that choice. Social isolation can be stressful, as we go through a strange cycle of emotions. From being ok, to bored, to worried and even  overwhelmed. It’s very natural to experience any and all of these emotions during times that are not so normal. Whilst at home, a lot of us wear different hats. The dynamics of our usual environment changes as we adopt altered roles of parent, partner, teacher, and friend and all under the one roof!


During lockdown, the Business Development Managers at Two Hundred Doors have been hosting a series of Coffee Chats with our Business Owners. These Coffee Chats have been a great way to connect, share information, and just talk about thoughts and feelings. An invaluable platform to feel less alone with our thoughts and above-mentioned emotional cycle. An informal yet informative approach to offer ongoing value to our Business Partners.


Even though talking through a screen may not be the most natural or easiest thing to adapt to, the connection with your own team, your suppliers and your clients is second to none. It’s not as scary as you might think, and the benefits far our weigh those nerves you may have beforehand!


If you haven’t ever done anything like a Coffee Chat before, please feel free to reach out to the team at Two Hundred Doors who would be more than happy to assist. You could start with your friends and family. Perhaps your own team. Practice how to set up the camera and share your screen. Then reach out to select clients and give it a go!  You might be surprised at what that connection does for you and your business.


Best of luck!

Leanne Winsor - Business Development Manager

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