Our Story

Here at Two Hundred Doors, we like to think we do things a little differently.

Here at Two Hundred Doors, we’re so passionate about beautiful, healthy skin that we’ve built an entire business around helping our clients help their clients achieve just that.

We set out on a mission to equip amazing women with what they need to run successful skincare businesses. Over the last three decades, we’ve worked with literally hundreds of incredible women and men, helping them with the latest scientifically proven and internationally trusted products and training.

We research, select and then supply some of the best skincare and beauty products and technology in the world to New Zealand’s dedicated skincare professionals.

Consistent supply processes, regular product innovation, meticulous training, creative marketing, and ongoing support are all part of the unique formula that embeds us into our clients’ businesses as partners.

But lean in, because there’s a secret ingredient to our success we’d like to share.


We. Really. Care.

Some might even say we care about our clients beyond reason, but to us the reason itself is crystal clear. Whether our clients are looking for support and training with products like Dermalogica and Clear Start, or need boutique salon care at our Skintopia centres, our goal is to empower women with the confidence they need to create their best selves. And it’s working.

Healthy glowing skin is the external evidence of our work, and we love to see it! But it’s witnessing the growth of our clients’ self-confidence and fulfilling their potential that gives us the biggest thrill. If we have to open (or even kick down) Two Hundred Doors to help them achieve it – just watch us!


The Two Hundred Doors experience

We want to see you set and meet your targets and step inside your true potential. That’s what drives us at a deep level. It’s beyond product performance. It’s beyond service excellence. It’s profit beyond the numbers, and to us, it’s priceless.

Every day we offer our clients the extra motivation and support they need to push themselves further. We see their potential so they can achieve it. Our own culture reflects this too. Every member of the team feels valued, encouraged and supported to step out of their comfort zone and strive for their personal best. We’re a family and we have each other’s backs. We’re confident that every one of us is capable of great things. And over the years we’ve learned that confidence is contagious.

We love working with independent SME owners and ambitious business leaders who want to make a difference to people’s lives.


To find out what doors we can open for you, get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.