Bio-Therapeutic Introduces Revolutionary bt-sculpt

Bio-Therapeutic Introduces Revolutionary bt-sculpt

The next generation handheld from the microcurrent pioneers makes microcurrent facial toning more accessible than ever.

Bio-Therapeutic, the pioneers of microcurrent in the professional skin care industry for nearly fifty years, has introduced a radical new tool to the professional and consumer markets.  The new bt-sculpt builds on Bio-Therapeutic’s tried and true microcurrent technology, bringing professional grade skin lifting and firming to the convenience of a rechargeable, handheld tool. 

Featuring a truly unique, self tensioning probes system with an optimised surface grip, the bt-sculpt delivers optimised skin lifting while being used single handed, and is as comfortable on the face as it is in the hand.  This powerful unit has two preset facial programs designed to take the guesswork out of microcurrent application, while the patented Suzuki Sequencing delivers true microcurrent across two channels and four energy pathways for superior results.  The canvassing effect created by the interferential frequencies between the four probes provides extraordinary skin coverage, an industry leading technology only available from Bio-Therapeutic microcurrent.  The optimised wave shapes that are the hallmark of Suzuki Sequencing are also optimised by a unique onboard processor that ensures that the correct current levels are being delivered to the skin at all time, keeping the current within the optimum therapeutic range.

“The bt-sculpt is the most dramatic leap forward in microcurrent since my father brought it to the skin care industry nearly fifty years ago ,” says Bio-Therapeutic CEO David Suzuki.  “This new handheld is extraordinarily simple to use, and highly portable, and will make the power of microcurrent much more accessible for clients seeking out technology accelerated skin fitness.”

The bt-sculpt joins Bio-Therapeutic’s multi award winning line up of professional microcurrent technology, the nimble bt-nano and the powerhouse Bio-Ultimate Platinum, and is the first being made available to both professionals and clients.

“We wanted a straightforward entry point into microcurrent for our professionals and consumers that didn’t sacrifice on performance,” says Suzuki.  “Skin professionals and consumers alike are getting much more sophisticated when it comes to technology, but are also frustrated by the gimmiky products on the market.  We knew it was time to bring our expertise out of the treatment room and into express services, and also into clients’ home regimens.”

The bt-sculpt’s dual channels and four energy pathways, self tensioning hinge with optimised probe surface, computer calibrated and preprogrammed Suzuki Sequencing, and interferential frequency canvassing effect – all delivered in a highly water resistant handheld – means a true paradigm shift in being able to offer the genuinely transformative results of microcurrent in both the professional and consumer regimens.
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