Celebrating 30 Years in Business with Beauty NZ

Celebrating 30 Years in Business with Beauty NZ

Natasha Bourke, our amazing founder, and CEO, is the cover star of Beauty NZ magazine! Her years of experience and groundbreaking approach to the beauty industry have earned her this well-deserved recognition. Beauty NZ dives into Natasha's incredible journey and the profound impact she's made. 

Natasha is a visionary leader who has revolutionised the NZ beauty industry. Her passion for skin health, coupled with her innovative mindset, has shaped our brand and the way people perceive “beauty”.  

As a trailblazing entrepreneur, Natasha has fearlessly pursued her dreams. Her entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to turn her vision into reality, further building this company after taking over from her parents. By focusing on listening to customers, anticipating emerging trends to stay ahead of the curve and building a great team culture, Natasha has positioned our brand as an industry trendsetter and a symbol of innovation. 

We invite you to join us in celebrating Natasha's achievements by reading the full article. Inside, you'll find an exclusive interview where Natasha shares her insights, personal journey, and her vision for the company in 2023. Her words will inspire and motivate, offering a glimpse into the mind of a true beauty visionary. 

Beauty NZ Magazine Winter 2023 (yumpu.com)

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