Inspired by chemical peels: Powerbright Dark Spot Peel

Inspired by chemical peels: Powerbright Dark Spot Peel

Anyone who has tried to fade dark spots knows; it’s typically a lengthy process. It’s also fraught with misinformation and fear. Nearly half of consumers are concerned that using aggressive products will damage their skin. This fear is well-founded: improper or over-exfoliation can cause more hyperpigmentation, especially in skin with melanin hyperactivity – which can be linked to both skin tone and other genetic factors.

Introducing PowerBright Dark Spot Peel which takes the uncertainty out of treating hyperpigmentation. Inspired by professional peels, it utilizes a targeted combination of acids along with a restorative algae extract for optimal exfoliation. The peel quickly fades surface dark spots while controlling the inflammatory triggers that can lead to further dark spots or other side effects, such as sensitivity or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Key Ingredients:

Fast-acting 12% AHA + PHA blend with Mandelic Acid exfoliates away stubborn hyperpigmentation. This powerful blend also features Glycolic Acid, Phytic Acid, and Gluconolactone (PHA).

Barrier-restoring Pro-Restore technology featuring an algae-derived Omega-3 blend soothes + helps reduce triggers that lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (and provides the peels subtle green color).

Brightening Niacindamide and Tranexamic Acid helps even skin tone.

Nourishing, antioxidant-rich Turmeric butter blend leaves skin feeling smoother and softer.


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