Introducing SuperGenes by The Beauty Chef

Introducing SuperGenes by The Beauty Chef

Formulated to aid in supercharging your inner beauty routine, SUPERGENES™ are the Beauty Chef’s next-generation innovation. These brand-new potent capsule formulations have been researched and hand-selected by a team of naturopaths and scientists to include evidence-based herbs, potent nutrients, vitamins, minerals and The Beauty Chef’s exclusive GUT5Y™ probiotic strain. The collection includes five targeted formulations for specific concerns each including a unique strain of GUT5Y™ probiotic,  

Healthy Hair & Nails, with saw palmetto, iodine derived from kelp & GUT5Y-4™ to support hair thickness, hair growth& healthy nails. 

Menopausal Support, with sage, hops, Schisandra & GUT5Y-5™ to support women during menopause, support normal body temperature and restful sleep. 

Sleep Support, with lemon balm, passionfruit, California poppy & GUT5Y-1™ to support sleep and calm restlessness in the body. 

Stress & Mood Support, with clinically studied Affron™, ashwagandha & GUT5Y-2™ to support the body’s natural response to stress, general wellbeing, mood balance, and to calm nerves. Supports healthy sleeping patterns, energy levels and nervous system function. 

Premenstrual Support, with chasteberry, dong quai & GUT5Y-3™ to support a healthy menstrual cycle and female reproductive system. 

To learn more about this new innovation or to become a stockiest, contact us today! 

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