Putting your best virtual foot forward!

Putting your best virtual foot forward!

While we've seen a rise in virtual communications during lockdowns, virtual services are great to offer a wide range of clients at any time - from livestreams to virtual consultations, these best practices will help you communicate your expertise and elevate your skin centre.


Dress the part

Hair and makeup should be neat and non-distracting. Colours and patterns should be simple; solid gray and white pieces of clothing work well.


Find your light

Ensure that your face is well lit from the front, ideally from natural lighting. A window or lamp in front of your face, yet behind your computer, will help prevent harsh shadows. Avoid lighting from behind you as this will create a shadow on your face and make it difficult to see you on camera.

Set the scene

You should be framed within the camera. Sitting upright with good posture conveys confidence. Your backdrop should be simple – ideally a white or light grey wall.

Use a professional tone

You use an expert brand, we want to ensure the way we speak gives your audience confidence. Speak clearly with warmth and authority, and be mindful that a vast range of people may be listening. You may be the first person they have ever encountered from our brand.



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