Retail Therapy for Everyone!

Retail Therapy for Everyone!

While it doesn’t matter which stage of lockdown we are in, or if it’s business as usual, one thing remains key….shopping experiences must be made fun, enjoyable and most of all easy!

Online shopping has been everything to keep us sane and up to date with purchases, trends and having what we so desire but in store shopping has also risen to another level to compete. The ability to touch, and feel products before buying still ranks as the top reason people will buy in store, along with social interaction.

Being in the professional skin care industry, we understand the importance of social interaction, and we know it is a way of connecting with our community.  For most of us, being able to get out with family and friends, being able to support your local business and feel part of something, while getting the gratification from your purchase makes a difference. These are all things that we can provide our clients when our doors are open. We have the time to chat to our clients, knowledge about their skin, the ability to look at their skin and of course listen. We are able to provide them with some key advice, products, treatments and solutions. 

We know it has been psychologically proven to give people a boost when this kind of interaction takes place, so we have no reason to fear online purchases, as interacting with an actual person who understands the products also offers instant attention, convenience and a strong sense of satisfaction.

But in saying all of that, it is imperative in today’s world, to be available with your products in all channels, including online. Often people will visit a store before making a purchase (or vice versa), or use ‘click and collect’ or curb side pick up and many other methods. Your ‘online and offline’ spaces are equally as important, so you need to embrace all the ways a client (and potential client) will want to shop with you. Making it seamless, easy and personable is what it all comes down to.

We are about to hit the busy season, so let’s make sure we are ready and set up for our shoppers!

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