The 5 in 1 skincare system!

The 5 in 1 skincare system!

Say hello to your best skin with the Bio-Penta. Featuring 5 Innovative Technologies in just 1 Service. Progressive skincare technology at its finest.

Functional and modern, the exterior of the Bio-Penta is both practical and progressive. The sensible and intuitive design approach, combined with the innovative touchscreen controls mean that although the Bio-Penta is a highly advanced machine, the learning curve is inherently manageable. If you know how to use an app you already know how to use the Penta. The touch controls and user interface are as modern as that of any smartphone app. Access any function with just a few taps, this allows the skin professional to devote their attention to what's really important, the care of their client’s skin. The sleek, modern design, touch screen controls, compact size and agility make this technology a must have for every forward thinking skin therapist and business owner.

Bio-Penta Facts

  • 5 technologies in one compact, effective machine
  • Space in the treatment room is limited, investing in a combination unit is a smart idea
  • Seamless and effortless to move from one technology to the next for layered skin services
  • Use the Bio-Penta for its individual modalities and design your own bespoke services.

Bio-Penta Features

  • microsonic cleansing:
    Blue Azul silver ion infused silicone cleansing brush. Silver ion technology allows the cleaning brush to be antimicrobial and antibacterial at all times.
  • wet / dry microdermabrasion:
    Ultimate exfoliation, skin smoothing, and tightening
  • 3 color LED:
    Featuring RED light (640nm), BLUE light (470nm), and combination light for age management and blemishes
  • microcurrent and ultrasound:
    The synergy of proprietary programming combinations offer efficient product application


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