The NEW Dermalogica PRO Clear Acne Treatment

The NEW Dermalogica PRO Clear Acne Treatment

Acne is a complex condition that requires expert and routine care. Whether your client has inflamed pustular acne, congested skin with blackheads and the occasional breakout or stress-induced breakouts that leave scarring, get ready to be in the clear with Dermalogica’s newest in-person professional service.

New PRO Clear is a powerful treatment that clears, calms and hydrates congested, breakout-prone skin. It helps clear blackheads and whiteheads, calms to visibly reduce inflammation, balances and hydrates for your healthiest, clearest looking skin possible.

PRO Clear works in three steps:

  1. Pore Softening Deep Cleanse

A powerful yet gentle combination of cleansing and exfoliating work to clean, soften, and prepare skin for pore extractions.

  1. Unclog Pores + Double Extractions

Manual extractions remove blackheads (open comedones) and whiteheads (closed comedones) to clear stubborn impurities while an electric modality lifts “gunk” out of pores.

  1. Calm + Treat:

Professional serums, a calming masque, and light therapy help clear breakouts and reduce redness and inflammation.

Contact us today about your options for offering this new PRO service.

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