The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch

It's been a very stressful time for many, your hands and the power of your touch is more important than ever. Even during a short waxing appointment remember to include some sensory touch points to improve your clients wellbeing and over all experience.

It’s important to make sure that every member of the team can explain the different touch points that are being offered – they could work as a team and develop an elevator pitch so that the clients understand why these rituals are being offered. Some rituals can include:


Warm wheat bag

Warmth is very soothing so wrap the warm wheat bag in a towel (for hygiene purposes so the actual wheat bag doesn’t touch the client’s skin or clothes), and place on the client’s abdomen or stomach - or over their hands or feet if they are cold.


Shoulder massage

Place a dry hand towel across the back of the shoulders and perform petrissage massage movements across the Trapezius for a few minutes either at the beginning or the end of a service. Layer in the inhalations for extra therapy.


Hot stones

Warm your palm size marble stones in hot water and just before the service begins dry them and place one in each of the client’s hands. If you have any larger flat marble stones, they can be tucked under the clients shoulder. This could be incorporated in any service. Make sure the stones are completely sanitised between clients.


Cleanse hands/feet - use hot towel cabby

This a traditional Dermalogica touch point before a ProSkin treatment. Add few drops of the Calming Botanical Mixer to the towel just before you use it. Inhalation Use the Soothing Additive and apply one drop to the inside of the client’s wrist (or on a tissue if they prefer), guide the client with 3 deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth prior to waxing or eye treatments.


Diffuser in salon

Choose your oil blends thoughtfully and share the essential oil blend you are using that day, include its benefits and why you have chosen it. Even if you have a signature aroma you always diffuse, change things up and give the client a different sensory experience.



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