Top Ecommerce trends to watch in 2021

Top Ecommerce trends to watch in 2021

It’s incredible how quickly the digital landscape can change, especially during the unprecedented times that we’ve experienced in 2020 and 2021. Businesses that previously didn’t have online offerings have now had to adapt and evolve rapidly in order to embrace the new normal as consumers turn to online shopping to purchase their essentials. This illustrates the importance of creating and/or continually improving your ecommerce store to provide the value and experience that these digital savvy customers expect. That’s why we’ve collated a list of the top 5 ecommerce trends that could help you level up your online store in 2021.


  1. Maximising Mobile

If you monitor your website analytics, I’m sure you’ve noticed that a significant number of your sessions will be from mobile devices. Most of us have a smart phone and naturally use it frequently to scroll the web. However, just because your website is accessible via a mobile device doesn’t mean that your site is converting well on mobile. An opportunity for your business could be as simple as ensuring that you are optimizing your website for mobile, and then continually making sure you are keeping mobile top of mind when rolling out new site changes.


  1. Personalisation

Every visitor to your website is unique, therefore what resonates with one may not gain the same traction with another. That’s why it’s important to not take a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to your website. Instead, by segmenting your customers and personalising their on-site experience to fit their specific needs and desires, you could deliver some great results. Your site will then be tailored with messaging that appeals to that particular visitor and eliminates spamming your customers with content that won’t interest them.


  1. Subscriptions

Subscribing to your favourite products has quickly become an incredibly popular (and super convenient) way to purchase online. Add an enticing hook to attract someone to subscribe partnered with a great customer experience and customer service and you’ve got yourself guaranteed repeat purchasers and customer loyalty.


  1. Utilising Artificial Intelligence

There are plenty of AI tools that you can maximise to automate processes and to learn about your customers. Whether you introduce a chatbot to respond to customer service requests automatically or you implement a platform that uses machine learning to understand onsite behaviour and display products they may like – utilising AI can take your website from good to great.


  1. Growing importance of focusing on Sustainability

Both businesses and consumers are becoming more mindful of their impact on the environment. Many businesses are becoming more eco-conscious by using biodegradable web order packaging, going paperless where possible and encouraging recycling. This can also be a great unique selling point for your business as consumers search for those with sustainable practices.

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