Cherie Mobberley

An experienced sales professional with over 18 years experience in the beauty industry, Cherie has worked across many channels in professional and retail health & beauty sales and distribution for an array of businesses. Cherie’s multi channel experience includes professional hair & beauty salons, department stores, pharmacies, health and FMCG.

Cherie has a passion for the industry, having the power to make a real difference in both people’s wellbeing and state of mind is something she holds close to her heart. From a business perspective there is nothing she finds more motivating that empowering & supporting her team & clients to grow and succeed.

As a mum to two primary aged children, Cherie is always trying to fit it all in and when she's got some spare time, you will find her at F45 trying to squeeze in an early morning class before the office or school run. As a qualified scuba diver she loves the ocean, and during the warmer months she will be with her family out on the water exploring the beautiful Haruaki gulf, hopefully catching some fresh fish, reading a great book with Pimms in hand and hiking around our incredible islands.