Recycling Programme Stockist FAQs

What is Dermalogica's Recycling Programme?

Our Recycling Programme is an initiative that allows consumers to drop off their empty Dermalogica packaging to a participating Skin Centre, so they can feel confident that it will be kept in circulation, not dumped in landfill or in our oceans.

What do you need to do?

Your Skin Centre will be advertised as a ‘Dermalogica Recycling drop off point’, where consumers can return their empty Dermalogica packaging. You will be supplied with a Sustainable Salons branded bin for you to collect empty Dermalogica professional and retail packaging only, between the 1st July - 1st October. All you need to do is collect these empties in the Sustainable Salons bin - once you have collected enough to fill a cardboard box, then request a return courier label from us and send them back!

Whats in it for you?

Having your Skin Centre as a ‘Dermalogica recycling drop off point’ can drive new customers into your business. It gives consumers confidence that your skin centre is taking responsibility for their Dermalogica product waste and making sure it is used for good!

Do you still need to sign up to be a Sustainable Salon?

Yes! We strongly encourage your Skin Centre to sign up to be a Sustainable Salon (if the programme is not yet available in your area please still register your interest). We will be supplying your Skin Centre with a Sustainable Salons bin between the 1st June - 1st October so that you can get off the ground with the Recycling Programme. Once this period is over, we will be collecting these bins back in the hope that you are an official Sustainable Salon and can continue being part of the exciting nationwide programme!
Our Dermalogica Recycling Programme only covers Dermalogica retail and professional product waste, whereas the Sustainable Salons programme allows all salon waste to be returned, including professional product, treatment waste and even the milk bottle from your salon fridge! Signing up to the Sustainable Salons programme shows your clients that you are committed to doing your part for the future of our planet, and that you are taking responsibility for the waste your business produces as a whole.

Business centre assets

Here you will find a wide range of assets to use in your Skin Centre, including display sheets, social media content and an email that you can send to your clients letting them know you are part of the Dermalogica Recycling Programme!